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Transformer skeleton quality inspection
  In addition to the development of the design of new products for quality verification, the production stage of the first product and tour inspection, the final full inspection is also an important part of strengthening the quality. Bakelite skeleton is a fragile product, in the production of each link can produce abnormal damage, such as the burr when dealing with the collision, when the pin collision, the product when the collision and so on. So it is necessary to carry out all the checks, so as to be able to filter out bad products to ensure that customers are sent to the products are good products to enhance the company's quality image. In the final inspection, it is best to arrange the experience of the old staff to operate, for each product, a separate test instructions issued after the full suspension of the phenomenon, by the full inspection by the instructions required to select. Pick as much as possible at a slower pace to ensure that each part of each product can be confirmed again.
  The above product design, mold design and manufacturing, production phase of each other, each process will affect the entire transformer skeleton production. Product design directly affect the design and manufacture of the mold, according to the product structure can not be designed to mold; when the product structure design is unreasonable, the mold after the good manufacturing in the injection molding will bring indirect effects, such as colloid too thick and shrinking, The structure is thin and fragile and other design problems caused by unreasonable; pin due to the pinhole edge colloid thin and produce broken feet bad. Therefore, in the design and manufacturing process of the whole skeleton, the design is a very important part of the design for the follow-up production will bring a lot of unnecessary repair action, and higher quality caused by the product scrapped.
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